WinVision has a proven experience in uPVC doors, partitions and windows. We have a wide variety of doors and windows systems that you can choose from to meet your needs.

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Casement Window

Casement windows range of UPVC casement windows are available in a wide variety of styles with various profile, ironmongery and finishing options available to choose from. The range of design options available on this type of window provides our clients with all the necessary options to create a highly bespoke product suited to individual preferences.

Casement windows an extremely versatile window that will suit most homes where-ever you live. Featuring fixed panes, top opening fanlights and side opening lights, casement windows can be combined to create an almost limitless range of styles, whilst providing the benefit of noise reduction, low maintenance, safety and security and energy efficiency. The casement window opens inwards or outwards with the help of a sash that is fixed on outer frame. The design can vary from fixed, side hung or top hung.

With many additional features such as decorative glass, clip-on Georgian bars, arched head inserts, and run-through sash horns, casement windows can be tailored to your specific requirements and are available in a range of finishes and colours.

Alongside the many aesthetic features available, casement windows manufactured from our company profile can accommodate the very latest high performance handles, hinges and locking mechanisms making your casement windows safe and secure.

Double Slider Window

The sliding window is made up of two (or more) sashes that slide horizontally, to the left or right, on tracks. The sliding window can be made wider and taller with the addition of sashes.

The sliders work on a 'ride over' mechanism. The track on which the sash slides is raised slightly above the ground, preventing dust from settling in the track. The dust-free track ensures a far smoother sliding motion when compared to conventional sliders.

Tilt Turn Window

Tilts at an angle from the top or opens like a casement sideways. The tilt position is for ventilation. Both operations take place with a single handle. Providing the option of the window tilting inwards or being fully opened inwards. This flexibility provides you with secure ventilation and eases of cleaning from within your home, along with making tilt and turn windows the ideal solution where there is restricted space outside making outward opening a hazard and providing an effective fire escape.

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